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May 19th 2013 | Scroll has been updated

  • The login pages for Learners and Mentors / Tutors have been merged into one page (this page!).
  • Learners are now able to set assessments on their profile page from T = Target (Red) to A = Awaiting Approval (Amber) . Left clicking now changes the colour of the aspect, right click to add evidence.
  • As well as being able to add evidence, learners can set actions, again by right clicking on the profile page.
  • Learners now have a new homepage graph representing their scores in each of the 8 standards.
  • Mentors and Tutors have access to a new module for tracking and analysing individual and group attainment and progress.

UoP Notices

Have you read the new advice document? Advice for using Scroll

Consider what different sorts of evidence you could signpost from the evidence notes in your SCROLL. Evidence towards the Standards